The ice cream cake

My 13th birthday is one that stands out for me. It was spent in hospital during my 6 week stay not too many days after I had just had a haemorrhage and nearly died.

The day I haemorrhaged was one of the scariest of my life. I was feeling really off that day and when I stood up to go to the bathroom everything went black, I suddenly hit the floor and after that everything is a bit of a blur. I somehow managed to drag myself to the bathroom and press the emergency button whilst falling in and out of consciousness. In the mean time I’m laying there in a giant pool of my own blood because an ulcer had tunnelled its way through my intestine. I still remember the nurse walking in seeing me and saying “shit I NEED HELP!” šŸ˜‚

Next thing I know the room is full of doctors and nurses working urgently on me. They decided to wait a few days to see if I’d need surgery which inevitably I did, but in the meantime it was absolutely no food.

So here I am, on my 13th birthday not allowed any food after nearly dying, no biggie. I headed to the freezer in the patient kitchen to get myself some ice. I opened up the freezer and there it was a Freddo ice cream cake labeled “Morgan”. At the children’s hospital they order an ice cream cake for every child’s birthday. Apparently no one let the ward know that I was nil by mouth, and to add insult to injury my dads work bought me a birthday hamper full of chocolate. I lied in bed crying over the chocolate and ice cream cake I wasn’t allowed to have, at least now I can look back at that experience and laugh. Next birthday I’m going to have my cake and I’m going to eat it too. I hope it’s bloody delicious.


One thought on “The ice cream cake

  1. Hi Morgan oh how awful for you. I started following you from Eden’s page.
    It’s a terrible disease šŸ˜¦
    My son Nic was diagnosed when he was 12 but was sick before that but we did not know what was causing him to not put on weight. He had major surgery two years ago. He will be turning 21 in May. For three of his birthdays he was on exclusive enteral nutrition. We started a tradition where we have a bonfire for his birthday, this year Brisbane was so damn hot in May but we got the fire going anyway!!! Food is never the focus šŸ™‚ but it does depend on how he is going and I will give him anything he wants to eat!!! We definitely will be celebrating his 21st with a big bonfire….hoping it’s going to be cold!
    Anyway enjoy that cake and it will be bloody delicious. Hope things are going well for you.


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